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WTV020 WTV020-SD WTV020SD-20SS Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module For PIC 2560 UNO R3 WTV020-SD-16P by Atomic Market

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High Quality Atomic Market Brand Product
WTV020-SD module is a reusable mass storage voice module ,can plug a maximum capacity of 1GB SD card memory and can load the WAV and AD4 audio .The voice module uses WTV020SD-20S as the core chip , with MP3 control mode, one to one key control mode, power on loop control mode and the two-line serial control mode.
Features :
1、Support plug-largest-capacity of 1G SD card;
2、Automatically identify audio files;
3、Can load WAV audio at 6KHz ~ 16KHz sample rate;
4、Can store up to 512 Section voice;
5、Support for micro-processor and key control;
6、With power-down save operation data function;
7、Support combination of documents playback, including the mute combination;
8、Quiescent Current: 16uA (do not insert SD card)
9、Support play 4 Bit ADPCM format file;
10、Can load AD4 audio at 6KHz ~ 32KHz and 36KHz sampling rate ;
11、16bitDAC and PWM audio output;
12、With WTV020-SD-20S, WTV020-SD-16P two module types;
13、Can play any paragraph of the voice;
14、Can be loaded voice without software, just need to place voice into the SD card directly;
15、Operating voltage: DC2.5 ~ 3.6V;



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