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Digital Analog Module V5 Sensor Shield Servo Motor for Arduino UNO MEGA Duemilanove by Atomic Market

  • $10.99

High Quality Atomic Market Brand Product
Buckled Analog Port:Handy, solid connection to 6 Analog inputs with VCC/GND
Digital IO port:13 ports prepared to digital modules or servos
Analog IO Port:2.54 grid male pin header connections
Buckled Communication Port: Selectable between I2C and UART
The Atomic Market Sensor Shield V5 (new version) has the COM and I2C (IIC) ports separated,so that both ports can be utilized at the same time to increase the possibilities of use. Atomic Market Sensor Shield for Arduino allows you to connect to various modules like sensors, servos, relays, buttons, potentiometers and so on.Just plug and play.Each functional module has buckled port with VCC, GND and Output, which has corresponding port on the Sensor Shield, connected with a plain 2.54mm dual-female cable you may start playing already. Buckled brick cables are like cement for bricks, make the connections easier, securer and more professional.



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