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3ft Fastboot Motorola Factory Cable Unbrick Droid Xoom Fire FAST USA SHIPPING!

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Motorola Factory Cable FAST USA SHIPPING!!

What is Factory Cable?

The factory cable, as explained by the Team Black Hat

"Unlike a normal USB cable these cables are wired in a way that
compatible Motorola phones recognize as a "factory" programming cable.
This allows the phone to power up and be flashed without having a
battery in the phone. Depending upon the model of the phone, it may also
boot up differently than it does with a normal USB cable."

In short, think of a “factory cable” in, well, a factory. When your
device is being made, the manufacturer plugs in a cable and loads the OS
for the first time. They use a special cable which makes the device
download a boot-loader with very little fuss. A factory cable allows you
to do the exact same thing – it enables someone to load a new
boot-loader extremely easily. This can, in turn, be used to load new
ROMS (operating systems.) The directions for building this cable are
based on the XDA forums. Credit with coming up for the idea goes to the
people behind that post.

This factory cable are wired in a way that compatible Motorola Xoom
/Phones & Amazon Kindle fire. It will bring your device into Fastboot
mode and help you restore your ROM and unbricked your devices. This
cable is not for charging purpose.


  1. Don't leave the  cable connected  to the phone  while  unattended.  Although the  cable should not  be recognized by  the phone for  charging  purposes, it is  supplying  operating power  to the phone via  its USB port  (which is not  normally the  case). If you  are using the  cable with no  battery in the  phone, and if  your host  computer lost  power or shut  down, your phone  would instantly  lose power just  like a battery  pull had  happened.

  2. Connect the  Micro-B end to  the phone first,  and then connect  the USB A end to  the computer.  The Micro-B  connector is  very tiny and we  want to make  sure it is in  the phone  straight and  seated before  you apply power  to it by  connecting it to  the computer.  Connecting the  Micro-B end  first protects  your phone and  your computer.

  3. When working on  the phone with  the cable  connected and no  battery inside,  best to go ahead  and put the back  cover back on so  you don't lay it  down on  something that  touches some  contacts in the  battery  compartment. If  you're working  on a proper  (uncluttered)  workbench and  you're the  careful type,  this may not be  necessary, but  better safe than  sorry.

  4. Don't plug this  cable into any  device not  designed for it.  If plugged into  a device not  expecting this  map you could  destroy the  device, your  computer, or  both.


Works With These and others:

  • Xoom

  • Atrix

  • Droid X

  • Droid 2

  • Droid 2 Global

  • Droid Pro

  • Droid Pro Global

  • Droid 1

  • V9m

  • Napoleon

  • Kindle Fire

  • Droid Charge

  • Droid Razr

  • Droid Bionic

  • Droid 3


Please Read:

 All cables are tested before they are shipped out. For liability reasons we cannot assist in hooking up these cables or help you get into fastboot mode. We will not be held responsible for any damage to your devise. Google is your friend, these are easy to use just do a little research before you jump into the deep end :)


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